MCM Comic Con Postponed But You Can Still Support Indie Creators

by Olly MacNamee

MCM Comic Con was due to go ahead this weekend here in sunny Birmingham. But.. well, you know the rest if the story, right?
However, there are a couple of indie UK comic book creators you may want to keep an eye on and consider supporting. Many of these creatos rely on a busy comic-con season to sell directly to their customers and fans and don’t have the same reach as bigger US publishers. Here’s two Midlands based creators you may want to look in on this weekend. Or anytime during this period of lock down and self-isolation.

Time Bomb Comics have been publishing independent titles for over a decade now and in recent years has had great success on the comic con circuit with the Flintlock anthology comic set in 18th century England. Last year Time Bomb released the well-received Brawler anthology that sported a dynamic, Warrior-like cover by Staz Johnson. Check out their full range of titles in their online store here.

Another local (well, to me at least) creator who often pops up at comic cons across the country is Steve Quirke who’s first comic series The Grand Tour (a time-travelling, Austin Powers-like thriller) and the follow-up, The Meditating Businessman #1 which are both available on ComiXology now here.

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