Something For The Weekend: A Coronavirus Free Round Up Of Free Comics, Reviews And Previews

by Olly MacNamee

With the growing concerns over the spread of the coronavirus and more and more cities and communities in shutdown, it’s no wonder that stories concerning this virus and the knock-on effects on the comic book industry has dominated the news cycle this week. So, let’s focus on the more positive stories, previews and reviews from this past week instead shall we.

The upshot of this current global pandemic is the way comic book publishers have stepped up to bat, offering up free comics and advice on how to support bricks and mortar stores. Here’s the ones we covered this week in case you missed out:

  1. Devils’ Due were the the first comic book company we covered at the beginning of the week, giving out free digital comics here. Soon followed by Image Comics (here), AHOY Comics (here2000 AD, with 400 pages of classic Judge Dredd strips (here). Fellow Senior Editor, James Ferguson, also did a round-up too. You can find that here.
  2. Readers were keen to read up on our thoughts on new AWA Upshots title, Hotell #1, out this week and reviewed by Benjamin Hill here.
  3. Other popular comics this week were Superman #21 (reviewed here), Avengers #32 (reviewed here), The Green Lantern Season 2 #2 (reviewed here).
  4. Vault Comics announced their plans for their virtual con this past week, with Vanguard Con running across the weekend. Check out more here.
  5. On the UK front, we had Adler #2 reviewed here and this month’s Judge Dredd Megazine previewed by our 2000 AD expert, Richard Bruton here.
  6. The announcement of Vampire: Masquerade was a popular new item. Seems we have the odd RPG fan reading, which is no real surprise really. A lot of us here at Comicon HQ are fans too. Check out more here.
  7. The relaunch of Tripwire as a magazine was met with a keen eye, so here’s hoping the campaign goes well. Check out coverage here and the campaign on Indiegogo here.
  8. It would seem everyone loves a bit of Dick, as our preview of Robin 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular would suggest. Here’s our preview of the anniversary issue. I got lucky and managed to grab the last Frank Miller cover on the shelves. Did you get yours, if you were even able to get down to your local store?
  9. The latest episode of the Deconstructing Comics podcast was another popular link. But then, with so many of use self-isolating, I’m not surprised. Check it out here.
  10. Finally, we have a trailer for a new cartoon series that might out a smile on your face – The Midnight Gospel – by the creators of Adventure Time which you can watch here.

Be well out there and don’t forget to check up on anyone you know who may be living on their own in your neighbourhood.

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