Preview: The World’s Finest Take On The Minute Men Of Kandor In ‘Batman/Superman’ #8

by Olly MacNamee

Ever since discovering Nick Derrington’s artwork on Gerard Way’s Doom Patrol, I was an instant fan, so you can imagine how stoked I am to see that he’s back again in this week’s Batman/Superman #8 and part two of ‘The Kandor Compromise’, written by Joshua Williamson. The denizens of Kandor a free, albeit still in shrunken form. But, small or large, they’re still super-powered and therefore more than a handful. Literally and figuratively. Check out our preview below:

General Zod is on a mission to resurrect the Bottle City of Kandor, and he’s ready to obliterate anyone in his path! Deep within the ruins of an ancient temple, Ra’s al Ghul’s bid to save his Lazarus Pits from Kryptonian chaos has brought the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel into a brawl neither expected-or was prepared for! What can Batman and Superman possibly do to stop an army of Kandorian zombies? Find out in the conclusion of the epic “Kandor Compromise”!

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