Review: ‘The Führer and the Tramp #1’ Delivers A Humorous Indiana Jones

by James Ferguson

Comic books have allowed for all sorts of crossovers so why not Charlie Chaplin and Adolf Hitler? The Führer and the Tramp takes a new approach to these two historical figures, pitting them against each other in a espionage-laden comedic thriller. Chaplin can’t stand by while countless people are killed overseas so he decides to do something about it. He’ll make a propaganda film to support the war efforts and encourage others to get involved.

While The Führer and the Tramp deals with the political side of the war, it begins with an amazing action sequence expertly illustrated by Dexter Wee. I will say here that I’m not very familiar with Chaplin’s work, but I’ve seen enough in passing to understand who he is and what his act was like. Fortunately, this book requires only that passing knowledge in order to enjoy it. Wee pits the silent film star in a series of adventurous pratfalls that take the fight right to Hitler himself in a humorous and exciting fashion.
Keeping with tradition, this is presented largely without dialogue, instead relying on Chaplin’s expressions to sell particular moves and heighten the comedic moments. This works incredibly well and serves as a great opener for the series.
Humor is a constant in The Führer and the Tramp, always available to break the tension of a scene without distracting from the overall narrative. Writers Sean McArdle and Jon Judy maintain just the right amount of seriousness throughout the book. The threat to the world is real and the unlikely Chaplin is uniquely suited to help out. He has noble intentions but can be rather clumsy at times.
In case you couldn’t tell, The Führer and the Tramp is a period piece. It definitely looks and feels that way based on Wee’s artwork and McArdle’s colors. The art team really captured the feeling of the time in how people look, speak, and act.
The Führer and the Tramp is the kind of historical fiction I can get behind. It’s like a comedic Indiana Jones. It pokes fun at history while still paying deference to it.
The Führer and the Tramp #1 from Source Point Press is set for release on March 25th, 2020.

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