Preview: What’s Captain Boomerang Playing At In ‘Suicide Squad’ #4 By Taylor, Sampere And DC Comics

by Olly MacNamee

Captain Boomerang seems to be purposefully courting trouble in this preview of this week’s Suicide Squad #4 Tom Taylor by artist Daniel Sampere, with inks by Juan Albarran, colors by Adriano Lucas and letters by Wes Abbott. Again, we emphasis that we’re possibly being somewhat optimistic here with the continuation of posting previews, but can we agree to call it a public service announcement? We show you comics that are coming out and you can get in contact with your local comic book store and as them to add any books you like the look of onto a pull list. Plus, many stores will offer discount when you get up one. And while we do post an awful lot of DC and Marvel previews, don’t forget all those other publishers out there. Many of whom came out in support of bricks and mortar stores early on in this crisis.
But, I digress. Here’s that preview we promised you:

With the chaos of Task Force X’s first mission behind her, Dr. Harleen Quinzel launches a psychological investigation into the current residents of Belle Reve-and when the infamous Harley Quinn is worried about someone else’s mental health, you know there’s a problem! What does Deadshot know about the machinations of their deadly new teammates, the Revolutionaries? Who are the Revolutionaries, where did they come from, and why do they hate superheroes so much? Careful, Harley-sometimes when you dig too deep, the monsters come crawling out…

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