Preview: Worship At The Cult Of Two-Face In ‘Detective Comics’ #1021 By Tomasi, Walker And Hennessy

by Olly MacNamee

While the James Tynion IV falship book, Batman, is getting a whole lot of love recently with all-new villains Punchline, The Designer, Detective Comics should also be a book on your pull list if you’re a true Batman fan. Featuring old-school favourite, Two-Face, it would seem old Harvey Dent has been busy and built up something of a cult following in Gotham City.
Written by Peter J. Tomasi with pencils by Brad Walker, inks by Andrew Hennessy, colors by Brad Anderson and letters by Rob Leigh, Batman once more thinks he has a cure for his one-time friend. My advise? Stick to crime-fighting, Bruce, and not to science. leave that for the likes of Mr Fantastic.

Two-Face has returned, and his Church of the Two has grown into one of the most dangerous and destructive cults Gotham City has ever seen. So why is the only person trying to kill Two-Face his own alter ego, Harvey Dent? Batman at last has found hope of a permanent cure for his friend’s evil split personality – but if there’s hope of ridding the world of the dreaded Two-Face for good, Bruce and Harvey must team up to beat back the bad.

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