Black Mask Latest To Offer A Life Line To Comic Book Stores

by Olly MacNamee

With the coronavirus taking over the globe and bringing everything to a grinding halt, including comics, we’re now in the phase where shops are shut, deliveries are slowing down and people and comic book companies are beginning to come together to see how they can support one another and especially the bricks and mortar shops out there.

Well, Black Mask Studios are helping with the following online offer tweeted out by Matthew Rosenberg last night.

So, that’s half to Black Mask and half to your LCBS. It’s a great start and we’ll keep an eye out for any other such charitable projects being set up over the coming weeks. Because, if your President thinks it’ll all blow over by Easter, he’s out of his mind. But, I won’t be the first to make that point, nor the last. 

Check out their online store here and get free shipping in the USA. 

As ever stay safe everyone.

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