‘She’ Delivers Sci-Fi Espionage With Brains & Heart Through Kickstarter

by James Ferguson

ComixTribe has launched its latest Kickstarter campaign and it was funded within a day. She: At the Tower of All That is Known, a graphic novella from writer Ryan K. Lindsay and artist Chris Panda is described as a “brutal, action-packed sci-fi” story. It follows the deadliest bounty hunter in the galaxy after she buries her only daughter. Her next job will jeopardize the only thing She has left: her secrets.

I’ve backed a number of ComixTribe Kickstarter campaigns, including this one. Tyler James and team know how to run a campaign well, but that doesn’t mean they just recycle the same tactics each time. Every campaign is different with new rewards, bonuses, and more. In addition to digital and physical copies of the book itself, the She Kickstarter campaign offers enamel pins, prints, custom mini-figs, and more. The campaign runs through April 10th, 2020 and has already met its funding goal.

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