The Basement Door Opens In ‘Ghosted In LA #10’ First Look

by James Ferguson

Ghosted in LA, one of my current favorite series was set to continue next month with issue #10. We’re not sure when we’ll actually see it based on the news from Diamond about shipments being halted to comic shops. In any case, BOOM! Studios has provided an early preview of Ghosted in LA #10 for us to check out below:

Daphne was just getting used to living with ghosts, but when a mysterious door in the basement flies open, Rycroft Manor is overwhelmed with even more strange phenomena than anyone knows how to deal with. And even worse, Daphne’s former roommate Michelle has some ideas about how to handle a haunting… and it doesn’t involve going gently into that good night.

Ghosted in LA #10 is written and illustrated by Sina Grace, colored by Cathy Le and Natalia Nesterenko, and lettered by DC Hopkins. It features a main cover by Siobhan Keenan and a variant cover by Sina Grace.

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