Art For Art’s Sake # 46 – Comics, Comics, Comics, Beautiful Comics

by Richard Bruton

Art for Art’s Sake; the weekly spin round some great artwork seen on that there Internet…
Marguerite Sauvage – cover for Sabrina: Something Wicked #1

Matt Wagner – gorgeous Batman/Grendel page

Arthur RansonSapphire & Steel (from Look-In)

Glenn Fabry… Cassidy from Preacher

Darick Robertson – Spider Jerusalem…

Asterix by Bill Sienkiewicz

Adam Hughes does Legion of Super-Pets

Alan Davis – Night Raven

James Kochalka – Hulky Smash

Big Barda and Mister Miracle – Erica Henderson

The Batman’s Grave #7 variant cover by Frank Quitely

Marvelman by Ed Piskor – a homage to Just-Ice, Back to the Old School album cover:

Before X-Men: Grand Design I hooked up with Marvel to do some Hip Hop variant covers. I did 3 but my best one never surfaced until now. If I ever worked in a collaboration Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman would be at the top of my list. Plus, Just-Ice rules!’

(Via Alan Moore World)

Marc Laming – Red Sonja cover inks

As David Roach says… ‘Fantastic cover art by Keith Burns’

Francis Manapul

Ivy’s Seasons, by Dustin Nguyen

Kyle Baker… oh, Kyle Baker, one of my all-time favourite writer/artists, and up there amongst the comedy greats of comics.
The Cowboy Wally Show, Why I Hate Saturn, I Die At Midnight, The Bakers, King David, Plastic Man… so many wonderful things. But here, just to end things with this week, two amazing sequences of comedic comics from one of his less well-known works, You Are Here.
The big problem with Baker’s work is how beautifully, brilliantly, cleverly he puts together a comedic work, with the gags built up over the entire work, the groundwork leading to a payoff pages and pages later.
But here, just a little of what makes him so damn good.

And then, later on in You Are Here… and Noel’s car has run out of gas…


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