Cardiff Comics Carnival Live Online Now Celebrating The Best Of UK Indies

by Olly MacNamee

Cardiff Comics Carnival was supposed to be running today and celebrating the thriving independent comic and zine creators of the UK. But, thanks to a certain virus affecting us all that’s no longer possible.
But, that hasn’t stopped them from going online and creating a very fun interactive experience akin to the old choose-your-own-adventure books like the Forest of Doom, but without the danger of orcs, bandits and wicked wizards.

You’ll be able to follow the simple instructions and still get to look around the various creators who would have been tabling there today and check out where to find them and their comics online too.
Well worth a look, especially on a day when we too will be highlighting a selection of independent creators and their own title too.
So, if you do want to get involved, then check it out here. It’s running until 5pm (GMT) this afternoon.

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