Sunday Service (Part 3): ‘Vampires Of New Jersey’ Vol.1, A Violent Mix Of The Sopranos And Dracula

by Olly MacNamee

Alton Simpson is an independent creator who has specialised in stories of the more blood-curdling variety with such titles as Black Jack, Werewolves of Brooklyn and Vampires of New Jersey.
The latter title is a tale of contemporary horror and mobsters set against the dark, shady backdrop of organised crime. Sound like your thing? We have a preview of his last mini-series, Vampires of New York available to buy on ComiXology here digitally or in print from Amazon here with art by Conner Cole.

92 page graphic novel trade paperback of first 3 issues in the hit series. Cass, Karen, and Vincent join forces to battle Wanda, Raymond , and the Elder while still searching for a way to stop the Turning before the final Retribution Ceremony. Mixes of mob and vampire genres with modern mystery chase that leads to an all out confrontation between the forces and an unsettling conclusion. The action happens in real life New Jersey locations. All issues of the comics have sold out at stores in the tri state area including Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash!

Available on ComiXology here or Amazon here.

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