Super Sunday: Sunday Service

by Olly MacNamee

With the globe on lockdown, voluntarily or otherwise, we here at have turned a crisis into an opportunity. An opportunity to offer up reviews, previews and interviews with this unsung hero of the independent comic book scene. Creators who often have 9 to 5 jobs and make comics in their spare time. In other words, people like you, me and many professionals working in comics today too.
So, for the time being were renaming our Super Sunday schedule to Sunday Service to better reflect what we’ll be trying to do. But not just on a Sunday and not just while the coronavirus crisis continues. After all is said and done how knows where we will be as an industry. Small publisher and individual creators have tried to raise spirits with incentives with DC Comics and Marvel now do something too. But as we will be finding out, I imagine, there are no easy answers either.
So, it might not be much, but here’s hoping we can distract you enough with the kind of escapist fantasies comics can offer. Why not lose yourself for an hour or two over the course of the day and see what hidden comic book gems there are out there.
Be safe, and look after each other.

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