Marvel Comics’ Will Sliney Encourages You To Draw Along With Him With His Amazing Live Streams

by Olly MacNamee

For many of use here in the UK, and over the mind in America, we are waking up to our second week in enforced isolation in an attempt to slow down the speed of the Covid-19 virus and I wonder how many of our good intentions to home school have already fallen by the wayside?
Well, I come to you in our hour of need with some salvation.

Marvel artist Will Sliney has set up a rather impressing live stream called We Will Draw over on his YouTube channel that has not only been attracting a lot of fans as he draws live and encourages others to get involved, and a lot of celebrity supported too, such as Irish comedian and actor, Chris O’Dowd (The IT Crowd, Moone Boy), Becky Lynch (WWE Champion) and Derek Landy (Skullduggary Pleasant) amongst many others. He’s certainly built up a great following, but then unlike other online presenters happy to monetise this crisis for their own personal gain, Willl’s streams will remain ad free and donation free with all prizes donated.

Actor and comedian, Chris O’Dowd, shows off his, ahem, efforts.

There are plenty of steams to dive into already with a special The Simpsons episode starting tomorrow, Tuesday 31st at 4pm (GMT). We just thought you might ant to know about this brilliant online show.
Do check out his Facebook to check out previous episodes available online here. They’ve already covered such diverse subjects as Nintendo’s Animal Crossing, Chris O’Dowd’s Moone Boy as well as as well as Pokemon, with plenty more to come.
So grab your pencils, pens and papers and get drawing and join in on the fun wherever you are n the world.

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