Dynamite Entertainment Pauses All Digital & Book Market New Releases

by James Ferguson

As with most of the industry, Dynamite Entertainment has paused all digital distribution for new comic book releases effective April 1st, 2020. With Diamond halting shipments to local comic book shops, some have argued that publishers could still release their books digitally, but that would be a massive blow to the direct market. By putting their new releases on hold, Dynamite can support the shops. Book market releases that have not already shipped will also be paused.

Nick Barrucci, Dynamite CEO and Publisher says:

We know comic fans everywhere have been watching closely to see what their favorite publishers and retailers are able and choosing to do in this very complex time. And whether they will be getting the comics they love to read and collect this week and in the coming weeks. We’ve chosen to keep all our retail partners and fans on the same page, literally. If all retailers receive the periodicals and collections at the same time, including and especially our bestsellers, that is the best chance for the industry to come out of this strong. Every sale of a new periodical or collection taken out of the retailer’s hands is one more blow to them, and we want all retailers to survive this pandemic to continue to be there for all fans. We feel this is the best fair course until we get further answers and solutions

Dynamite is also developing returnability options for retailers and a reshaped release scheduled for the comics originally intended for release in July.

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