Review: ‘Legion Of Super-Heroes’ #5 Rewrites The Future

by Tony Thornley

With far-future science fiction, world building is always a key element. However, Legion of Super-Heroes #5 takes that one step further, rewriting the future of the DC Universe, and perhaps the present as well.

Brian Michael Bendis, Ryan Sook, Scott Godlewski, Wade von Grawbadger, Jordie Bellaire, and Dave Sharpe continue to shape the DCU’s bright new future in Legion Of Super-Heroes #5.

The Legion and the United Planet are at odds, and Jon Kent is at the center of it all. However, the answers all lie in the past. To solve the conflict, he dives into the past of the Legion and perhaps the fabric of the DC Universe itself.

Bendis excels at character interactions and relationships, and he’s at his best when he grounds his stories in those elements. However, in this issue he digs deep into the metaphysical side of the DCU, and it works. He keeps the story entertaining by grounding it in the characters, and using Brainiac 5 to do the exposition in the most Brainy way he possibly can. Any other character, and other situation it probably would have landed with a thud, but Bendis nails it.

Sook and von Grawbadger continue their fantastic work on the title, but Godlewski joins for the flashbacks and steps in without missing a beat. He gives the characters their own personalities through their body language, and Brainiac is the perfect example of it. Brainy is stiff without being robotic, looking more proper than emotionless, thanks to a fluid line that always keeps him moving.

The Legion is continuing to grow and it’s getting its footing as a must-read title.

Legion of Super-Heroes #5 is available now from DC Comics.

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