Review: ‘X-Men + Fantastic Four’ #3 Unites Marvel’s Greatest Through DOOM

by Tony Thornley

The Marvel Universe is full of fictional countries. Ever since Krakoa was born, it’s been obvious that those nations would come into conflict, and that pays off in X-Men/ Fantastic Four #3 as Krakoa and Latveria go to war.

Chip Zdarsky, Terry Dodson, Rachel Dodson, Ransom Getty, Laura Martin, Andrew Crossley, Pete Pantazis and Joe Caramagna fire the first shots in a potential war between two powerful nations.

The X-Men and Fantastic Four have tracked the Richards kids and Marauders to Doom’s own private mutant nation. The two teams call a truce to try to help Doom solve the problem of Franklin’s powers. However, they may soon discover that there’s much more to Doom’s island than it seems.

After the heady last two issues, I didn’t expect Zdarsky to shift the series into such a brisk action-adventure story. It does feel like too much a shift for much of the issue, with the two teams putting their differences aside almost too easily, but then he brings back the difficult moral quandaries in a much different way. It’s a great story, but it is suffering a little bit from its pace. I know Zdarsky has said he wanted the series to be four issues as an homage to the original X-Men/F4 series, but it’s becoming apparent he could have used an extra issue or even two.

The Dodsons balance the two sides of the story extremely well. The husband-wife team have gained a reputation as great cartoonists, but they are able to nail the emotional beats as well. They capture the spirit of the characters, and drive the action forward through the issue, building up to the reveal of the last page twist.

Doom has fired the first shots in what could be a massive war, and it’s making for an engaging and exciting read!

X-Men + Fantastic Four #3 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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