Two Marvel Audio-Adventures For Kids On Amazon Alexa

by Gary Catig

In a time when we are all self-isolating, it can be tough to find activities for your kids to keep them engaged. Marvel may have what you’re looking for with their two superhero themed experiences currently available through Amazon Alexa. Marvel’s Project M.I.N.D. and Marvel Hero Training give young fans the chance to team up with some of the company’s greatest heroes and embark on their own unique audio-adventure.
In Marvel’s Project M.I.N.D., the user teams up with Princess Shuri and goes on empowering missions. They will need to perform calculations, solve brain teasers, and explore the topics of Science, Technology & Engineering, and Mathematics alongside some of their favorite characters. Users will be challenged to apply their academic knowledge as well as their problem-solving skills to proceed through a serialized, narrative experience.

On the other hand, Marvel Hero Training is more interactive and physical. Kids initially answer wild “what-if” questions and are then paired up with a superhero based off of the responses. They then receive high-stakes missions that involve getting up and moving and exploring imaginative play while helping their partner save the world.
Marvel’s Project M.I.N.D. and Marvel Hero Training are now available with Amazon FreeTime Unlimited and Echo Dot Kids Edition.

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