Bad Idea Offers A Great Idea: A Financial Lifeline During This Coronavirus Crisis

by Olly MacNamee

As with all other publishers, Bad Idea have announced they are postponing their May 6th launch due to the current pandemic. But, like other smaller companies, they too are doing their bit to help out their chosen retailers with a the creation of a $25,000 emergency relief fund.
Here’s their statement on how they will be supporting these partners:
1) WE’RE DOUBLING DOWN ON COMICS: Every Bad Idea creator will actively be working during this period. We’re not slowing down – in fact, we’re ramping up.  As our creators continue to work as planned on Bad Idea’s initial slate of titles, the company is doubling its current workload by actively increasing development and production of new projects, and commencing work now that had originally been slated to begin in 2021.
2) $25,000 RETAILER RELIEF FUND: Our company is built on one simple concept: monthly comics, sold by comic book stores. As we all know, many of those stores need our help right now more than ever. To that end, Bad Idea has put together an emergency financial relief fund with a beginning balance of $25,000. This will immediately be distributed equally between every one of the 100 retailers in the first wave of our Bad Idea Destination Store program, as well as those already committed to our yet-to-be announced second wave. Eligible retailers will be contacted via email today and will simply need to provide a mailing address or valid PayPal account to receive their funds via check or electronic payment.
While this won’t solve the problems of every store, we hope that it can help a few take care of an unforeseen emergency or simply help out with the bills. We love comics and the people who make and sell them, and want to help where we can during this uncertain time.
Please stay safe, and we look forward to getting everyone back into comic shops once this crisis has passed.  We’ll be the first in line.

Dinesh Shamdasani, Co-CEO & Co-Chief Creative Officer
Warren Simons, Co-CEO & Co-Chief Creative Officer
Hunter Gorinson, Publisher
Josh Johns, Director of Marketing
Atom Freeman, Sales Consultant

So, actually hiring more staff, encouraging those on their books already to keep creating and offering up money for shops to support them. And they haven’t even published a single book!
Once again, it’s the small guys doing the biggest for the community and the industry and I for one will not be forgetting this. After all, having to go cold turkey means when my local comic book store reopens I will be drastically rethinking my pull list so my hard earned money goes to the right people.
I wonder how many others out there will be thinking of following my lead? Or, will it be business as usual with the Big Two dominating still? Ethical spending has been a large initiate in recent years, and this seems to be the right place to spread this practice. I can see more creator-owned comics and indie companies in my not-too-distant a future. Can you?

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