Five Comics For Less Than Five Dollars From Griot Enterprises

by Olly MacNamee

If you’re already missing Mister Nancy from American Gods, given he won’t be returning for the third season, then Griot Enterprises’s Horsemen 5 comic bundle may be a great place to start to get your fix of predominately African-American voices, superheroes and a good dose of African mythology too with a good mix of the comics Griot Enterprises have been producing for 8 years now.

What this current crisis has taught me is that there are a great deal of very professional looking books out there, if you just know where to look. Or, be pointed in the right direction, as we’re hoping to continue to do now and in the future too. And these guys have been out there representing African-American voices and culture since 1997:

When we began in 1997, we had seen many great African American superheroes in comics, but we never saw an iconic African American superhero team. We didn’t have our Justice League, our Avengers. We, as comic book fans of color, young and old, didn’t have a universe where our heroes reside…

          … Griot Enterprises filled that void.

Offering up diversity in comics at a time when there was a lack of diversity has allowed Griot Enterprises to build their brand, their characters and their back catalogue, with the Horsemen offering up superheroes to kids who wouldn’t have seen to many characters that shared their culture out there.

The Horsemen is the story of seven ordinary people thrust into extraordinary circumstances, as the gods of ancient Africa possess them. The gods have chosen them to protect humanity from itself…whether humanity wants them to or not. They combat those who control the fate of the planet. Through their actions, the world would never be the same.

The Horsemen

As well as including The Horsemen of intervention #1 – #3, this bundle also comes with 4 Pages 16 Bars Visual Mixtape presents The Union #1 and Contrast Blackness In White (Remastered) #1.
For more, check out the offer here and see what else they have here too.

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