James Tynion IV Shares A Sneak Peek At Gary Frank Art For His Green Lantern Anniversary Story

by Olly MacNamee

Just in via email is the most recent newsletter from James Tynion IV and while, like the rest of us, James is finding his own way to deal with the surreal existence we’ve all found ourselves thrown into, he did have time to offer up just the slightest of snippets from his forthcoming inclusion to the Green Lantern anniversary issue.

Remember, this was the week that Batman #92 was due to come out and which James would have been excited for, as you can imagine.
As he says himself:

My goal in 2020 was to establish myself in a bigger bolder way than ever before and reach as many fans as possible. To use Batman as a beach head while I continued telling exciting stories in my creator owned. That’s why I started this newsletter.
I’ve started building a lot of bridges to the next stage in my career and while the fog means I can’t exactly see the land on the other side right now, I have to believe that the land is there. That there are just as many readers tomorrow as there will be today.

But fear not, James, as you are amongst friends and they’ll still be right here when this is all over and ready to read more great stories form you and from others. And, just like you, we are all worried for what come next for the comic book industry. But here is one thing I do know for sure, DC Comics will weather the storm. Unlike others, they can afford it.
But, yeah, it will look different. And, with DC Black Label being the success it has become, maybe that is the way forward, following a more European style of publishing and presentation were less is more? Time will tell, I suppose.
If you are reading this, then do take care and do reminder, you aren’t the only one out there finding it hard to focus and to create. Even though it would seem otherwise the reading through social media. Trust me, I’m in the same boat and also feel somewhat inadequate when all around me are talking about dusting off that novel they once wrote, or learning a new instrument. How may will though, is another matter.
Stay safe, James, and that goes for all of our readers.
If you haven’t signed up to Tynion IV’s The Empire of the Tiny Onion, now may be that time.

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