Preview: A New Hero Fights For The Underdog In ‘American Dreams’ #1 From Alignment Comics

by Olly MacNamee

Cover by Netho Diaz

We gave up all of last Sunday to celebrating, previewing and reviewing comic books from independent creates and publishers and  as part of our support of the comic book community large and small were happy to be able to continue this with number of new columns coming your way over the next few days.
Our first preview to share with you today is American Dreams #1 by  writer Daniel Kalban, artist Dody Eka, inker Tebe Andry, colorist Warnia Sahadewa and letter Matt Bowers from Alignment Comics. A turn-of-the-century superhero story that sounds like Superman used to be when he first appeared in Action Comics #1 to fight greedy industrialists and defend the underdog. Plus a gallery of famous faces from the era too.
Here’s more, plus a preview of the issue which is available, along with issue #2 as both digital download or floppy copy from the Short Fuse Media website here.

American Dreams is the story of Jake Gold, a Jewish immigrant living in New York City in 1900. He works in a sweatshop all day and fights in a gang at night against other ethnic gangs. One night, Thomas Edison is performing a mad science experiment that goes horribly awry. Jake is caught up in it and soon gains strange powers. Now, he must decide how to use them. Set against a time not unlike our own and with a cast of characters that includes Harry Houdini, Emma Goldman, and JP Morgan; Jake must fight to protect everyone’s American Dream.

American Dreams #1 and #2 are out now

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