Vault Comics Offer Up Charity T-Shirt To Support The Covid-19 Defense Fund

by Olly MacNamee

Vault Comics have done it yet again. Here in the UK we, as a nation, have just all stepped outside of our front doors (while social distancing, of course) and given a rousing applause for the carers of the UK who are putting their health on the line in order to support this growing pandemic.
Meanwhile, as I came back in and picked up my computer to check in on people in one of the only ways that we can, online, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Vault Comics not for the first time in this crisis, were offering up support, but this time far more reaching than juts the comic book industry.
This time round they’ve only gone and designed their very own t-shirt with all proceeds from these sales going to the Covid-19 Defense Fund. You can always donate directly to this fund, or get a tasty looking t-shirt, with art provided by Ricardo Drummond and designed by Vault’s Tim Daniel.
Please, if yo can afford it, do check out this offer here, on the Vault Comics online store.
Another fantastic initiate to help raise funds, and raise spirits.

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