Art For Art’s Sake # 47 – Five Times Comic Art Is Great (And Five Times It Wasn’t)… Nah, only joking.

by Richard Bruton

Comic art… oh, it’s a lovely thing, it really is. And here, in Art for Art’s Sake, is where Comicon celebrate the very best of the comic art we’ve seen…
Carol IssacsThe Wolf Of Baghdad – A wordless graphic novel of the decimation of Baghdad’s Jewish population in the 40s and 50s. Powerful and beautiful work available from Myriad Editions.

And another new-ish book – out in Jan 2020 – Philippa Rice‘s Baby, a follow-up to her brilliant Soppy…
It’s lovely when you see creator’s lives unfold. I first met Philippa Rice ages ago, when her My Cardboard Life came to my attention. A wonderfully talented creator, she turned her attention to making comics about herself, her life, and most particularly her relationship with another comics maker, Luke Pearson (Yes, he of Hilda fame). That was Soppy. It was lovely. And now, just to see exactly how that all worked out… it’s Baby: A Soppy Story… so, pretty darned good….

Evan Dorkin – Medusa

Kevin Wada – MJ & PP…

Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy #5 – Joshua Middleton

Simon Gane – incredibly talented artist of comics. But, also incredibly talented artist for Burning Sky Brewery

Gemma Correll – the work-day shuffle…

Zatanna & John Constantine – Marcio Takara

Harley Quinn cover by Bill Sienkiewicz

Nick Fury – Nic Klein

Jim Mahfood does Marvelman. (Via Alan Moore World)

Peter Bagge

John McCrea – Batman…

Andi Watson

Bill ZeiglerAddams Family #2 – 1975 (From Today’s Inspiration)

And finally…
Common People by Jamie Hewlett. Oh yes, super rare comic by Hewlett from the French edition of the Common People single from Uk indie outfit, Pulp

And while we’re on the Jamie Hewlett and Pulp/Jarvis Cocker vibe… “Cocker’s Luck” from Time Out,1998

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