Sunday Service (Part 4): Spotlighting Comic Book Writer Rich Douek And Previewing ‘Road of Bones’ From IDW

by Olly MacNamee

Ahead of our new interview slot at 5pm daily, ‘Shooting the Breeze’ with today’s guest, Richard Pace we have just enough time to post another piece on the thriving indie scene with a quick mention of freelance comic book writer, Rich Douek, who we’ve featured last year when his IDW books, Road of Bones and Sea of Sorrows were announced.
Like a lot of creators, Rich has an online comiXology store were you can find his work in comics, with such series as Gutter Magic, Wailing Blade and the two aforementioned IDW titles to one discovered, with Sea of Sorrows issues #1 and #2 up for pre-order.
We present you a preview of the period set horror comic, Road of Bones #1, which is currently discounted from $9.99 to $7.99 here.

Horror, history, and Russian folklore collide in this brutal survival tale, where the worst prison in the world is merely the gateway to even darker terrors. In 1953, the Siberian Gulag of Kolyma is hell on Earth–which is why Roman Morozov leaps at the chance to escape it. But even if they make it out, Roman and his fellow escapees still have hundreds of miles of frozen tundra between them and freedom. With the help of a mysterious being straight out of his childhood fairy tale stories, Roman just might make it–or is the being simply a manifestation of the brutal circumstances driving him insane?


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