Sunday Service: Taking A Look At Indie Publishers And Where To Find Them

by Olly MacNamee

As we suspend our regular ‘Super Sunday’ to bring you a schedule that allows us to focus exclusively on independent publishers out there, we’r bringing you a look at some of those creators who have built up an impressive back catalogue which you may not know about, as well as the odd creators new to comics but with comics to send out.
This is a troubling time for comic book creators, but it’s also a time for smaller voices with big talents to be discovered. Creators who don’t need to worry about distribution because they’re doing it for themselves.
So, as always, on the hour, every hour we’ll be giving you a new suggestion you may want to take a look at.
Plus, rounding off the weekend we have our third interview in our new regular interview feature, Shooting the Breeze, with Second Coming’s Richard Pace.
Hopefully you’ll see something you like and encourage you to stay indoors and stay safe.

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