Preview: A Father Learns To Manage His New Reality In ‘Little Victories’

by Tony Thornley

Nothing changes a parent’s world more than a diagnosis. It could be a chronic disease, illness or developmental disorder. But the story is seldom in the diagnosis but in how life goes on afterwards, and that’s exactly what Little Victories chronicles.

Yvon Roy had many hopes and dreams for his son Oliver when he was born. However, his world and his dreams were shaken when he learned that he was on the Autism Spectrum. After years of working with him he chronicled his journey in comic strip form, now being published in English for the first time this summer by Titan Comics’ Statix Press!

It’s a story that’s equally sad, heartwarming and hilarious. As a parent of a child on the Autism Spectrum as well, I found the story extremely relatable, and sweet. Several times I found myself thinking that isn’t what I’d do in that situation, but realizing that’s because every child on the Spectrum is different, or laughing and taking notes to try something new with my son.

In celebration of Autism Awareness Month, we have a preview of the book below! It’s currently scheduled to be in stores and available digitally on May 26, 2020, though that is subject to change in light of current world events. You can also preorder it now on Amazon and Forbidden Planet!

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