Review: Variety Is the Name Of The Game In ‘Hyper Epics’

by James Ferguson

3 Pages. That’s all the space that up-and-coming creators have to tell a big, powerful story in Hyper Epics. The webcomic explores everything from westerns and sci-fi to horror and drama, all in three page increments. This novel concept has paved the way for some pretty cool comics in bite-sized chunks.

The page limit is certainly a challenge for something like this, but in most cases, creators are able to use it to enhance the story. There’s no waste in these tales as you have to get right to the point. The creators are able to quickly establish characters, flesh out an entire world, and give you a story full of twists and turns.
It’s hard to pick a favorite among this collection as they all have score some pretty high marks. I can point out some that stood out a bit, such as “Slaying the Debt” from writer Chris Carson Emmons, artist J. Paul Schiek, and letterer Jaymes Reed. This presents a frightening world where people pay off their debt not with funds, but with gladiatorial combat. What makes this so unsettling is how I could totally see this playing out in the not too distant future. The public watches on without a care that people will die in this fight. They want to be entertained. Schiek’s artwork shows the inhumanity of this act while conveying a futuristic tone with bright blues and pinks. It’s a nice mix.

The only downside to Hyper Epics is that you’ll want more from some of these comics. A good amount introduce a world and characters, hit with a nice twist, and then come to a close. In many ways this is just when the story is beginning. If this was a full issue or graphic novel, that would be the hook that got you to keep going. I’m curious how many of these have or will be expanded into longer forms.
While sci-fi seems to be a part of a large chunk of the stories in Hyper Epics, it’s far from the only genre covered. There are many to choose from and this definitely has something for everyone. The site is broken up by comic too so you don’t have to scroll through countless pages looking for something.

Hyper Epics delivers easily digestible short stories with unparalleled variety. It has given a voice to up-and-coming creators with a high bar of quality. Oh, and the best part? Each story has its own soundtrack!
Hyper Epics can be read online at its official website.

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