Thought Bubble Encourages You To Draw Together While On Lockdown

by Olly MacNamee

Starting today, Monday 6th April 2020, with the whole of the UK shut in for all but essential shopping, exercise and key workers, Thought Bubble Comic Art Festival have thrown the gauntlet down fro anyone up for the challenge of drawing a sketch every day ever the next week on a one word theme. Today it’s ‘light’ with the others on display below.

With it also be ing the start of the Easter holidays for us too, I imagine many parent will also get their children involved and make it affair. If you want to join in, just pick up a pencil, paper, and other at equipment such as watercolour paints, and get sketching and painting. Pots on Insta or Twitter using the hashtag #TBFDraw20.
A single idea, but one that could easily while away an hour or two, or even more! Plus, it encourages all of us to stay in and stay safe.
Thanks TB!

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