‘Cut-Man’, A Love Letter To Noir And Thriller Cinema, Debuts On ComiXology

by James Ferguson

New physical comics may be on hold, but Action Lab: Danger Zone is keeping the digital-first books coming. This week sees the debut of Cut-Man, a new series written by Alexander Banks-Jongman and illustrated by Robert Ahmad that’s described as a love letter to noir and thriller cinema.

Cut-Man follows Hank Kelly, an immortal who revels in the fame and fortune this ability brings and the lives of those changed forever by being caught in his wake. Banks-Jongman says he was inspired by the works of Tom King, Scott Snyder, and Grant Morrison, along with a love for films like Se7en and Gone Girl to create the series exploring broken people, the search for truth, and the corrupting effects of power.

Although Hank has some power, he’s not a super hero. Each issue of the six-part mini-series digs deeper into what makes him tick. We’ll watch him transform from a flawed man to something darker thanks to his exposure to fame and fortune.

Cut-Man #1 is available today on ComiXology.

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