Mondo’s ‘Masters Of The Universe’ 1/6 Figure Collection Back In Stock But Very Limited

by Olly MacNamee

Because of a change of warehouse over the winter, apparently, Mondo have come across some extra stock of some their Master of the Universe 1/6 figure collection, which they’re now offering up online here.

 Designer Con Exclusive Skeleton

How much stock that’ll be left will depend on when you read this and when you act upon this information, as I’ve noticed that the very limited Scareglow 1/6 Scale Figure Exclusive, as well as the regular 1/6 figure of Skeletor, have already disappeared off their online store. But, there are still some great figures left for anyone who’s a huge fan and can afford them, including the Designer Con Exclusive Skeleton variant. But at $250, I can see why. Although, I must admit, they do look rather cool, of you ask me. And, healthier than a basket full of Easter eggs!

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