Saturday Morning 80s Cartoon Special (Part 1): ‘The Smurfs’

by Olly MacNamee

If you’re a comic book reader of a certain vintage you’ll remember the Saturday morning slot of cartoons offered up each week to keep all us kids entertained. Here in the UK we had the anarchic TISWAS, with the more conservative-in-comparison Saturday Morning Swap Shop, with both including the odd cartoon or so. But nothing like you did over in the Colonies. As a kid I would drool over the full page advertisement I saw in my DC Comics and Marvel comics and dreamed of having these pals on my own television. Of course, now with the likes of Cartoon Network and Disney XD, young kids today are spoilt. Although, I do watch more cartoons than my daughter, it must be said, so I’m definitely making up for lost time.
Well, if you’re a regular reader of our little website, you may have noticed our attempts to rally the troops, especially at time when many from certain quarters (and, yes, Comicsgaters, I’m looking at you) are rubbing their hands in glee and screaming that this is the death of comics as we know it. You could listen to their doom and gloom prophecies, but why would you? Not when we can offer you a recreation of some Saturday Morning animation action right here, and across the morning. Sounds good?
So, why not spend your lazy Saturday morning with a trip down Memory Lane, starting off with The Smurfs, shall we?

We’ll be here in another half hour, with another blast from the past.

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