Dimension-Hopping Adventures Await In ‘Miranda In The Maelstrom’

by James Ferguson

Action Lab Entertainment is keeping the new comics coming with its digital-first titles on ComiXology and Amazon Kindle. These were books that were heading to digital platforms originally, so it’s not taking anything away from local comic shops. You can read the first three issues of the latest title, Miranda and the Maelstrom, now with the following three coming soon.

The comic, written by Riley Dashiell Biehl, takes Miranda Sherbet and her shark-dog Noodles through an interdimensional storm in search of adventure and belonging. Each new issue features a new part of the multiverse and a new artist rendering it. Issue #1 is illustrated by Koi Carreon and colored by Borg Sinaban, #2 comes from artist Dailen Ogden and colorist Drew Wills, and issue #3 is illustrated and colored by Jamie Jones. The upcoming issues #4 and #6 are handled by Drew Moss and Borg Sinaban, with issue #4 drawn by Tintin Pantoja.
Creator / writer Riley Biehl says:

Miranda in the Maelstrom is the product of a deep love of comics and cartoons. It tells a very personal story about loneliness, growing up, and learning to rely on yourself while still helping others.

This is a pretty interesting setup. I’m not a fan of changing artists in the middle of a book without a good reason and Miranda in the Maelstrom definitely has a good reason. It sounds like a fun adventure comic so I’m eager to check it out.

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