Netflix And Boom! Studios Enter Into A First Look Deal

by Erik Amaya

Even if television production is on pause, plans are still afoot to bring new programs to the world.
One such plan concerns Boom! Studios, who announced Monday that they have entered into a first look deal with Netflix. The streaming platform now has access to titles like Lumberjanes and Giant Days for use in both live action and animated arenas. “Boom! characters are innately special, they’re colorful, diverse and varied and their stories have the power to ignite something in all of us,” said Brian Wright, Vice President, Original Series at Netflix in a statement.
Which all makes us wonder if there was more to that photo She-Ra and the Princesses of Power executive producer Noelle Stevenson posted about a month back which seemed to be from a Lumberjanes animated series pitch meeting …
“We generate 20+ new original series a year and are thrilled to partner with a streamer that is as prolific as we are,” company CEO and Founder Ross Richie said. “Boom!’s unique partnership model benefits creators by positioning them to be packaged with high-end directors, screenwriters, and producers. We’re thrilled to continue our track record of translating our best-selling award-winning library with the best TV talent in the business but now with the undisputed leader of the new streaming era.”
The company also has a first look feature deal with 20th Century Studios, which includes projects like a Goldie Vance feature (with Rashida Jones slated to direct) and August’s The Empty Man. That deal continues through 2021.
Getting to this point was always part of Boom!’s long term goal and we have to congratulate them on having such a strong library of titles to adapt into streaming programs and films. For one thing, we definitely hope Stevenson’s Lumberjanes tease proves to be an eventual Netflix release sometime in the next two years. A previous attempt at a live action Lumberjanes feature was cancelled last summer after Disney acquired the 21st Century Fox film assets (which included the project and a “non controlling” interest in Boom! itself) and animation seems like a natural fit for the concept; especially if Stevenson, a co-creator of the title, is at the helm.

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