Everyday Objects Spark Imagination In ‘Seamus (The Famous)’

by James Ferguson

Action Lab Entertainment has digital-first titles for everyone this week, including the kids. The publisher has released Seamus (The Famous), an adventure book filled with pirates and fantasy, on ComiXology and Amazon Kindle this week through its Discover line. Written and illustrated by Christopher Ring, the comic follows Seamus and his snarky cat Fitcher as they lead a crew of affable pirates in search of the legendary treasure of Gunnar Forkbeard. Along the way, they encounter boobytraps, monstrous creatures, and a whole lot of humor as they face off against Captain Barracuda and his nefarious crew of The Greythorn.

Creator Christopher Ring says:

Each book will feature a new adventure, from swashbuckling pirates to a galactic space race to a steampunk mystery and beyond! I want the reader to connect with the characters. I want young people to say “Hey, that’s me!” and I want older readers to remember those days.

Seamus (The Famous) sounds like an absolute blast. It’s the kind of imagination-fueled adventure I remember getting into as a kid. The first (of what I hope are many) story is available now on ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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