Future Diary But With A Furry Suit–‘Gleipnir’ First Impressions

by Tito W. James

In Gleipnir, a teenage boy transforms into a massive furry-suit and is worn by a homicidal girl. Together they combat others with similar monstrous powers. The appeal of Gleipnir is its bizarre premise. But is the anime’s weirdness enough to hold the audiences’ interest?


Gleipnir is a mystery anime, but lacks tension in its early episodes. Much of the mind-games are conveyed in a “back-and-fill” fashion. The exposition justifies the reasons behind events that have already transpired, but add little suspense.


Gleipnir is a refreshing “shock to the system” in what could have been a predictable anime season. Much like Dorohedoro, Gleipnir thrusts audiences into the deep-end of a bizarre world and much of the fun derives from making sense of all the craziness.


Gleipnir appears to be positioning itself as the next Future Diary, even going so far as to do a blatant homage in the opening titles. The anime does a good job at catering to fans of yanderes and colorful killers. Only time will tell if Gleipnir has a unique story or is just another edgy copy-cat. As a fan of mind-bending horror anime I eagerly await the next episode.

You can watch Gleipnir right now on Funimation.

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