Read As Much Manga As You Want With Mangamo

by James Ferguson

We’ve got streaming services for all kinds of stuff right now, but there wasn’t one for manga…until now. Mangamo has launched in the marketplace, offering unlimited access to hundreds of titles from a growing list of publishers all while supporting creators. Currently available on iOS for iPhone and iPad, new users can sign up for a two month free trial to try out the service. After the trial, Mangamo only costs $4.99 a month.

Mangamo offers ad-free, unlimited access to English translations of titles like Attack on Titan, Somali & the Forest Spirit, Fire Force, and Arte, as well as titles that were never before release in English like Dropkick my Devil, Akatsuki Babies, Reset Game, and Daily Meteor Strike. There are plans to roll out over 300 titles and more than 1,000 volumes of manga over the new three months with new chapters added daily.
Buddy Marini, founder and CEO of Mangamo says:

I grew up reading manga and watching anime as a child in Japan, and I’m inspired by the global rise of this treasured Japanese form of entertainment. Mangamo offers something I’ve always wanted as a fan: an easy and affordable way to read a ton of new manga while giving back to the publishers and creators so they can continue to make the manga I love.

Mangamo is going the extra mile to make sure that this is done right by readers, creators, and publishers as there is a ton of piracy in the manga space. The content is curated by an experienced editorial team, professionally localized, and legally licensed directly from publishers, offering the highest quality images and a customized reader.

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