Kevin Keller Says Hello In A Preview Of Next Week’s ‘Katy Keene’

by Rachel Bellwoar

Josie (Ashleigh Murray) just freed herself of one Cabot (Peter Francis James). But what does Xandra (Camilla Hyde) want with being a Pussycat? And would that mean replacing one of Josie’s new bandmates (that she hired after one audition session) or joining them as a fourth member? Xandra doesn’t seem the type to want to sing backup to anyone, let alone Josie. Would her joining the band also mean she’d be replacing her dad as the band’s financial backer?

The biggest reveal from the promo for next week’s episode might be that Riverdale’s Kevin Keller (Casey Cott) is guesting on the show, but with no explanation as to why just yet, it’s hard to know how excited to be. Riverdale hasn’t laid out any plans for how the show is going to deal with the characters graduating high school. Will Kevin by applying to colleges in New York, and could this be a sign that he might be jumping ship from the flagship show to the spinoff?
Katy (Lucy Hale) had a bad first week at her new job but it was honestly nice to see someone challenge her for a change, and to know Katy won’t be allowed to quit at the first sign of difficulty. Having Gloria (Katherine LaNasa) not like the dress she sewed, too, really showed that Guy (Luke Cook) has something to offer Katy professionally, which makes it all the more infuriating that the show won’t let Katy be professional (unless next week’s promo is a misdirect).
While the silent film title cards this week felt unnecessary, if the show wasn’t going to go anywhere with them, it’s a shame everyone was too distracted to realize that Pepper (Julia Chan) is in trouble and that she’s been lying to them about a lot.
Katy Keene airs Thursdays on The CW.

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