Creators Have Your Say With The ‘UK Comic Creator Survey’ Now

by Olly MacNamee

If you’re a UK based comic book creators, then you may want to get involved with a new survey set up by current Comics’ Laureate Hannah Berry. As Hannah puts it, “It’s your chance to record your situation as a creator, so that we can get a proper view of the comics landscape and what steps we need to take to support ourselves & the industry.”
Although, be warned, it’s already suffering from the odd bug or two, possibly because of the volume of visitors? Still, by the time you read this, as it will be the afternoon here in the UK and maybe not as busy.
Check it out here, if you want to get involved, where you get a fuller explanation of the survey and its intentions.
Having met Hannah previously, I knew she was going to be a very proactive Comics’ Laureate and following in the footsteps of Charlie Adlard and Dave Gibbons; both great forebears of this great national title.

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