Today Is Your Last Chance To Bid On #Creators4Comics And Support Comic Book Stores

by Olly MacNamee

There has been a lot of buzz around the Creators4Comics online auction organised by the Book Industry Charitable Foundation (BINC), both good and bad, but the way I see it is that not only will some of the money go towards the support of local comic book stores (after all, name me a charity that doesn’t have administration and overhead costs) but fans can also gain something they may never have had the chance to own otherwise.

11×17 Doomsday sketch AND a signed, remarked Superman #75 offers up by Dan Jurgens

Plus, looking at the bids being placed over the weekend, there are some real bargains up there. I reckon many people will own a new piece of artwork, or an addition to their comic book collection, or any number of various prizes being offered by comic book professionals, at a knock-down price as well as know they’ve helped support the comic book retailers at this trying time too. To me, that means the money is well spent. This isn’t like other charities where you simply pledge money, this is one that you get something worth your while. And, how can that be all bad?
Catwoman cover offer by Joëlle Jones

Furthermore, I’m speaking from personal experience too. I went in high on one particular item and with only hours to go I think I’ve won that particular bid. I’ve had a lot of time to think of this impulse decision (it’s a lt of money) and came to the conclusion that not only will to bringing me immense – arguably priceless – joy, it will be the very first original piece of comic book art I own. I have the odd head shot and sketch like many of us, but I’ve never owned a… well, I’m not about to spill the beans yet, in case someone does outbid me. Add to this that this year marks a very special birthday for me, and one I had intended on marking by separate trips to Berlin, Amsterdam and New York Comic-Con, and the money I would have spent on these trips will now go onto this pice of artwork instead. And, as a very long-term comic book fan, that’s all okay with me.
Francis Manapul 9×12″ drawing

So, why not head on over to the Twitter hashtag, #Creators4Comics and see what’s there. You’ve only got until 12pm (ET) to do it. That’s not all that longer and like I said, there are some real steals to be had. But, do remember this is for a good cause.
Here’s the full list of prizes in the auction.

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