#Canucks4Comics Charity Auction To Support Canadian Comic Book Stores Now Up And Running

by Olly MacNamee

With the success of the recent #Creators4Comics initiative on behalf of the BINC Foundation helping support American stores, a similar auction has now been started up over the border in Canada running through Twitter until Friday 29th April. In an article on Bleeding Cool, it was reported that Canadian based comic book artist Kaare Andrews’ local comic book store Emerald Phoenix Comics, was struggling, like so many others and with BINC only supporting American retailers, something had to be done. And so it has.

Stranger Things 11″x17″ original artwork by Sweeney Boo

And, as the prizes for auction come rolling in, once agin I can see that there are a good few that are very much under valued, based on current bids. But, it is early days, and you all have until next Wednesday to put in a bid. Check it out now by searching for the #Creators4Comics hashtag and keep checking in every now and again to see what else is being added and whether any bid you do place is successful with the funding being monitored and administered by Comic Legends Legal Defense Fund.
Individual sketches by Max Dunbar

Life of Captain Marvel #5 art and Green Arrow #43 cover by Kaare Andrews

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