Review: Unmistakable Charm From An Unlikely Duo In ‘For Goodness’ Sake: Volume 1′

by James Ferguson

Thatcher, a man cursed to look like a demon thanks to his own misdeeds runs into Rayne, a blue-haired, free-spirited young woman out to see he world, creating an unlikely duo. Rayne things she can cure Thatcher. She sees the potential for good in him through the horns, red skin, dark eyes, and overall gruff nature. Get ready for one helluva road trip.

Creator K. Lynn Smith has an unmistakable charm to her artwork. That was definitely the case with her previous book, Plume and it is on full display here in For Goodness’ Sake. It takes no time at all before you are enthralled with both characters if for nothing else than their facial expressions and the way they carry themselves.
Thatcher is a perfect example of this. He’s the kind of character that you love to hate to love. Under any normal circumstances, he’s a complete and total jerk. If you were to run into him on the street, you’d avoid him or walk away offended thanks to something he said or did. In this book though, you can see the troubles percolating just underneath the surface. Despite his carefree and occasionally mean exterior, there’s a real person in there.

This quality brings a Beauty and the Beast vibe to For Goodness’ Sake. As the story goes on, we get some glimpses as to how Thatcher ended up in this position and I for one am dying to find out all the details here. Smith builds a tell of sorts into things. When someone is upset with Thatcher, his eyes appear black. This gives us an idea of whether or not he’s on the straight and narrow.
While Thatcher is certainly interesting, Rayne keeps up with him in that department. There’s definitely a lot more to her than what we’ve seen so far. She reveals that she wants to experience the world after the death of a loved one, but I also get the feeling that she’s running from something. She’s often shown with these big eyes, giving her a very innocent appearance. There’s a vulnerability to her, yet she’s proven she can hold her own. Again, this goes back to Smith’s penchant for creating deep, fascinating characters.

For Goodness’ Sake shows impeccable comedic timing. Smith will hold on a particular shot for a few panels to let a joke sink in or to provide a great reaction moment. It works beautifully. There were several laugh-out-loud sequences in this first volume.
There’s a “Will They? Won’t They?” undercurrent through For Goodness’ Sake between Rayne and Thatcher that only adds to the experience. On the surface, these two seem like polar opposites, but you could see how they might end up together. They could just as easily end up beating the crap out of each other.
For Goodness’ Sake is an absolute delight. It’s charming, intriguing, and just plain fun. This first volume packs a tremendous amount of story into a small space, ending on an amazing cliffhanger that will leave you begging for more.
For Goodness’ Sake: Volume 1 can be purchased online directly from K. Lynn Smith.

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