Something For The Weekend: Your Regular Round-Up Of News, Reviews, Interviews And More

by Olly MacNamee

Another lean week on the comic book front, but there was the odd story here and there, and with DC Digital First launching out of nowhere this week from DC Comics, there was the odd comic book preview and review too. More than you’d think when you look at this weekend’s round-up below. Plus, more reviews of past classics from the world of the X-Men, Batman and more. But, what were you all reading this week? What were the news and reviews that drew your eye? Well, here’s ten that took your fancy and enough in this list to keep you busy for a while as we all (I hope) continue to follow social distancing rules and stay at home.

Art up for auction from Tom Fowler over on Twitter too help support Canadian comic book stores.

  1. One of the few new comic books arriving was Ed Brubaker and Marcos Martin’s new comic series, Friday, reviewed by our very own Rachel Bellwoar. Read here thoughts on this debut digital comic here.
  2. It still seems that sex still sells, and a very popular article from the past week here on was our exclusive look at Ninja Sex Party: The Graphic Novel, Part 1: Origins by Dan Avidan and Brian Wecht. You can take another look here.
  3. DC Digital First – an odd brand given these are comic books already published as DC Giant books for WalMart – gave us a comic book a day with Superman Man of Tomorrow, Batman Gotham Knights, Wonder Woman Agent of Peace, Aquaman Deep Dive, and The Flash Fastest Man Alive.
  4. Amazingly, we were still able to bring you several new interviews this week, including Shooting the Breeze with DC Comics artist, Steve Pugh (Billionaire Island) and Peter Milligan (X-Static), and while all good things must come to an end, never say never and we’ll be posting more of these fun catch-ups shortly. Foe now, though, why not check out all of our Shooting the Breeze interviews here. Thersl quite an impressive line-up, if we do say so ourselves.
  5. As one charity auction came to a close on Monday, with Creators4Comics and BINC Foundation drumming up a huge amount of support for comic book retailers, another one kicked off, with Canucks4Comics hoping to recapture the public’s generosity and help out shops North of the border. That auctions still live, so you may want to take a look at the auction items on offer over on Twitter with the #Canucks4Comics hashtag.
  6. This past week Tony Thornley looked back at a couple of classic comic book key issues, with a review of New Mutants #86 – #89 and the birth of Rob Liefeld’s X-Force as well as a look at Batman: Madness by Jeff Loeb and Tim Sale.
  7. Away from the wonderful world of capes and cowls and we brought you further news on Marvel Realm of Champions that seem to have a new update on a weekly basis.
  8. Adventure Time’s Pembleton Ward’s new cartoon series, The Midnight Gospel launched on Netflix recently and our regular reporter on all things animated, Tito W James, took an early look at this weird and wonderful new show here.
  9. Sticking with Netflix, we Laos took a look at what to expect on this streaming service this coming May here, with more She-Ra and the Back to the Future trilogy to look forward to.
  10. Finally, then, as people look more and more to indoor entertainment, HBO Max also announced their seating line-up which our EiC Erik Amaya reputed on this week too. Check out their pricey (an eye-watering $14.99 a month!) here. But, with cheaper alternatives, will this be one streaming service too many? at that price, I think it could be.

There’s more than enough there to encourage you all to stay indoors, with plenty of reading and viewing suggestions made that you may want to consider and order from your local comic book store. Stay well and stay safe everyone, and enjoy your weekend.

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