Preview: Family Secrets Begin To Unravel In ‘Daphne Byrne’ #4 From Hill House Comics

by Olly MacNamee

In some kind of attempt to feed the habits of comic book fans, I guess, DC Comics have offered up some new titles for sale this Tuesday 28th April, and while many are reprints, there is the odd original title out there, including Daphne Byrne #4 from DC Comics’ Hill House Comics imprint.

Written by Laura Marks with art by Kelley Jones, colors by Michelle Madsen and letters by Rob Leigh, best of luck getting hold of an issue. And, even if there is a store open, is to really worth the trouble? Maybe phone ahead and add it to your pull list if it’s one you like the look of. I imagine they ma still have back issues you can ask about too and help support local businesses any way you can.

Daphne has found an ally in Mr. Brooke, a skeptic and expert on the manipulations of Spiritualism. But when a more immediate danger threatens her life, she’ll learn something very surprising about Brother — the powerful spirit she thought had her best interests at heart…

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