A Reminder That #Canucks4Comics Auction Ends Today

by Olly MacNamee

Canucks4Comics, the online Twitter auction supported and administrated by the Canadian based Comic Legends League Defence Fund,  will be closing in the next few hours (12pm ET), so we thought you may want to know that. Especially as there seem to be a lot of artwork going for a low amount, and given this is in support of comic book stores in Canada, we thought we’d try our best to get as many eyes on there as possible.

Alpha Flight by Tom Fowler

Every penny is going to count, so if you can afford to dig deep, even if it’s upping a bid by a few bucks, it will all add up and, hopefully, save people’s livelihoods. Fingers crossed.
Weapon X original art by Francis Manapul

Do check out the CLLDF site for the full list of auction items, including original art pieces by the likes of Cameron Stewart, Francis Manapul, Jeff Lemire and so many more.

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