2000AD Are The Latest To Offer Up Zoom Backdrops With Judge Dredd Themed Art

by Olly MacNamee

With so many taking up the Zoom app – along with other tele-conferencing services – to arrange work meetings social hang-outs and more, it’s no wonder that comic book publishers are offering up free customised backdrops to utilise. Although, there’s really nothing stopping anyone from creating their own personalised backdrops really, really easily for themselves by simply sourcing your favorite high resolution image from the web.
But, for those even too lazy to do that, 2000AD have offered up their own selection of futuristic vistas for you to use. You can download the full line-up of Judge Dredd themed backdrops from their official site here. I must admit, the Mega City One artwork is pretty breathtaking, as you can se from the example above.

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