Aziraphale Reminds Crowley Of His Duties In ‘Good Omens’ Stay At Home Special

by Erik Amaya

It seems the worldwide shutdown has changed the habits of Good Omens‘ bookish angel Aziraphale (Micheal Sheen) and roguish demon Crowley (David Tennant) in this special short film, Good Omens: Lockdown. Sheen and Tennant reprise their roles as Aziraphale phones Crowley to check up on his friend while London maintains its shelter-in-place order. The whole ordeal is a dream for the angel — no customers at the bookshop! — but Crowley is so bored. Of course, as Aziraphale mentions, he could tend to his demonic duties. But Crowley’s response might be a surprise to those who haven’t read the book by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman or seen the Amazon series Gaiman produced last year.

Considering where the series left the pair, Crowley’s decision to take a long nap feels pretty on the mark. As does Aziraphale’s turn to baking and sending away some would-be robbers with a load of cakes.
The special also marks the 30th anniversary of the novel’s original publication, which is an interesting milestone to mark during this pandemic. Nonetheless, both actors remind us over a phone call why they were perfectly cast.

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