Electric Century Comes To Comics With New Graphic Novel Timed With Second LP

by James Ferguson

Mikey Way and Shaun Simon have teamed up with Toby Cypress for an Electric Century graphic novel from Z2 Comics. This riveting and mind-bending journey complements the music for Way’s second LP with the band of the same name.

Way says:

I’m delighted to announce this book!The genesis of the story has been many years in the making, created with some of my closest friends. Getting to bring the two things I am most passionate about together – comics & music – has been exciting, challenging, and unbelievably rewarding. I’ve been waiting to tell this type of story about my home state for a long time. I truly hope everyone enjoys it.

Electric Century follows Johnny Ashford, a former sitcom-star who drives drunk through a storefront and gets arrested. After he’s bailed out by his aspiring actress girlfriend, he begins seeing a hypnotherapist named Dr. Evers so he can go to his “happy place:” 1980s Atlantic City. It’s here Johnny relives his childhood on the boardwalk, hardly noticing shadowy specters all around. Johnny’s addiction moves from alcohol to hypnotic trips to the boardwalk and the Electric Century casino which satisfies his desire for fame. Eventually he finds a way to stay there. Meanwhile, in the real world, his girlfriend’s search for him leads her to Dr. Evers, who offers her a free session where Johnny meets her on the beach by the boardwalk in her own “happy place.” It’s here that Johnny discovers the true nature of this place, but will he be able to save himself and his girlfriend?
Z2’s Josh Frankel added:

After I read Young Animal’s Collapser series last year, I was blown away. When the opportunity came about to collaborate with Shaun and Mikey on something for Z2, it was a no brainer. Little did I know that it would not only lead to one of our best books so far, but what is sure to be one of the best comics of the year. Period.

The Electric Century graphic novel will be released alongside its new album, expected to ship in September 2020. Z2 currently has a special deluxe limited edition available for pre-order exclusively through its website.
Shaun Simon says:

I couldn’t be happier working with Mikey again and especially at Z2, a publisher with a firm base in the world of music and culture centric books, that values quality over quantity. Toby Cypress has become one of my favorite artists over the past few years. It’s an incredible honor to work with such a talent and watch him bring this world to life with us.

Z2 is making a name for itself as the intersection between music and comics. Electric Century joins a number of other projects bridging the gap between the two mediums.
Toby Cypress added:

The team I’m working with is inspiring, and killing it on the script. I grew up in many of the areas the story takes place along the Jersey Beaches and casinos. This project is turning into a love letter to those amazing times back in the 80s.

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