Art For Art’s Sake #51 – The We All Need A Smile These Days Edition

by Richard Bruton

Yes, it’s still a little bit rubbish out there, we know. But try to stay calm, try to smile. Here’s just a few wonderful bits of comic art to make you just a little bit happier in these trying days…

Another classic Alan Moore and Alan Davis creation, the ridiculously funny DR & Quinch

Ken Reid‘s fabulous Faceache….

Raymond Brigg’s Fungus The Bogeyman

Gary Northfield‘s Derek The Sheep – there’s just not enough sheep based comedy, is there?

One of my favourites, Marc Ellerby‘s Chloe Noonan… ginger whinging ninja…

John Allison‘s comics, Scary Go Round, Bad Machinery, Giant Days, and more have been funny for years… he even drops in the occasional silly superhero thing…

Tom Gauld

Don Martin

The magnificent Sergio Aragones and Groo…

Charles Addams

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