‘Genpet’ Is The Comic Book Equivalent Of Pokemon Meets Blade Runner And Out Now From Magnetic Press

by Olly MacNamee

We brought you a preview of Magnetic Press’s Genpet #2, by Damian and Alex Fuentes only the other day, but did you know you can buy the full collection as a trade paperback that’s out now? The sci-fi story of one boy and his genetically designed pet.
Do ask about this title, and any other Magnetic Press titles you might like the look at, at your local comic book store. Or, directly from their webstore here.
Now, check out their trailer as well as an alternative preview rto the one we shared with you for the individual copy of Genpet #2.

Meet the designer pet of the future! Magnetic Press’s new graphic novel GENPET by Damian and Alex Fuentes takes comic book fans to the year of 2036, where the ultimate pet is a genetically modified animal custom-made to suit your personal design. You will join young Nat and his new best GenPet buddy, Niko, on a great Scifi adventure around a futuristic New York City which is full of diversity, danger, and opportunities. Check out this fun trailer that can be described as Pokemon meets Blade Runner at Disney World on the Cartoon Network.

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